Matt Watkins

I am a Cornish artist, developer and designer.

Over a career of over 20 years, I have created work for public and commercial clients as well as exploring my own practice and exhibited around the world.

I have created a wide range of interactive work which has ranged from web and mobile based projects and games, live video streaming, VR, robotics and sensor driven interfaces in galleries, locative and pervasive games played live in the streets and public transport.


Rotten Robots

A robotic artwork powered by human and animal manure that uses spatial audio to tell a story of change from the point of view of 2 unusual robots.
Feb 2020

At the River Edge

A VR experience that explores climate change seen through the eyes of local residents from an area around the Thames river outside London.
March 2019


A interactive artwork exploring how materials and robotics can create an emotional connection between our breathe and the autonomous action of a robot.
December 2019