Publications & Papers

Paul Coulton, Dan Burnett, Ian Forrester, Matt Watkins, Emma Murphy & Tom Scutt Perceptive Media – Adaptive Storytelling for Digital Broadcast presented at 

Interact 2015

Paul Coulton, Dan Burnett, Rachel Jacobs, Candice Howarth, Adrian Gradinar & Matt Watkins Designing Data Driven Persuasive Games to Address Wicked Problems such as Climate Change presented at MindTrek14

Jacobs R. Giannachi G. Benford S. Greenman A. Smoke and Mirrors:  Liveness, Presence and Suspension of Disbelief, Workshop Position Paper Exploring HCI’s Relationship with Liveness CHI 2012

Alan Chamberlain, Fernando Martínez Reyes, Rachel Jacobs, Matt Watkins & Robin Shackford (2012) “Them and Us: an indoor pervasive gaming experience”, Entertainment Computing Journal, published by Elsevier, ISSN: 1875-9521, 12

Ere Be Dragons:  An Interactive Artwork
presented at the Interactive Art Programme of the 13th annual ACM international conference on Multimedia, Singapore, 2005.

Boyd Davis, R. Jacobs, M. Watkins, M.Moar, C.Riddoch, K.Cooke, Richard Hull, Tom Melamed

Heartfelt Gaming
presented at Mindplay 2006

S. Boyd Davis, R. Jacobs, M. Watkins, M.Moar, C.Riddoch, K.Cooke

Ere Be Dragons:  Heart and Health
Third International Workshop on Pervasive Gaming Applications (PerGames 2006), Dublin, Ireland 2006

M. Capra, R. Jacobs, S. Boyd Davis, M. Watkins, L. Opperman, S. Benford, Robin Shackford 2006,

Love City: A Text Driven Location-Based Mobile Phone Game Played Between Three Cities
“Pervasive Gaming”, edited by Magerkurth and Roecker

S. Boyd Davis, M. Watkins, L. Opperman, M.Moar, M. Capra, R. Jacobs, Robin Shackford 2007,

A Conversation Between Trees, Active Ingredient. Published by Proboscis, part of the Material Conditions Limited Edition series 2011

Mapping Inside Out
“Pervasive Gaming”, edited by Magerkurth and Roecker

All papers are available in pdf format by request.

Chatham Vines, a limited edition hardback book by John Newling
(chapter written by Rachel Jacobs & Matt Watkins)