Bearpits & Landmines

A multilevel physics game designed to co-incide with the launch of Europe's largest cyclepark.

Bearpits and Landmines was a game for iPhone and web. The game is a culmination of Anna Best’s yearlong Artlands residency commission, which has explored a mutable and at times seemingly tangential set of ideas and images surrounding the development and delivery of Cyclopark – Kent’s largest Olympic legacy project.

It is an exploration of a complex array of themes and concepts such as sustainable energy, the control of leisure time and space, utopian visions and dystopian realities within the context of regeneration projects and Gravesend itself — with its rich and often hidden subcultures. Through this ‘public’ programme, Best has gathered and created multiple narratives and images all of which have fed into the creation of Bearpits and Landmines, realised in collaboration with Mudlark.

The game is a playful twist on a physics cycling game. Set in a post apocalyptic version of Gravesend’s cycle park. The aim being to complete a journey through this surreal landscape populated with ranting bears, cyclops and human wind turbines. Avoid some landmines but hit others. As the game unfolds discover hidden clues and strange video clips.

I was project lead, principle game designer, graphic and asset designer.

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Ana Best and Gravesend Cycle Park