Fantasy A-list Generator

Active Ingredient trawled YouTube looking for celebrity interviews. From these interviews they took the questions asked, rather than the answers given.

These questions form the basis of The Fantasy A-list Generator, the context is altered by re-asking them randomly to members of the public. How does the meaning of these questions change when asked outside of their original setting and interpreted from another persons point of view? Can we provide better answers than the celebrities?

The Fantasy A-list Generator is about both intimate and public space. In a private video booth with the option of adopting a disguise, an automated system asks you questions that range from global significance to fawning banality. The following response is then streamed live onto the internet and display on a screen in the gallery. Do we disclose things to camera, that we wouldn’t in normal situations even when we know it has a public platform?

Shown at the Hatton Gallery Newcastle and The Cornerhouse, Manchester in 2008.  
The artwork was co-commissioned by the AV Festival 2008.


AV Festival & Manchester Cornerhouse