Make TV

A unique interface and plug and play video streaming technology to enable viewers and audiences to make 15 minutes of live TV on the web as part of a 24 hour schedule. 1 year before Youtube launched.

Merging live video with a social networking environment, MakeTV constructed a live programme of self moderated videos, 15 minutes of fame where every audience member could be a producer of content, and anyone anywhere could be the audience. I co-designed and developed this project as a partner of Active Ingredient The concept was time loop where 48 hour rotating live programme could be added to, viewed and recorded.

Active Ingredient hosted several events that used MakeTV as a new space for artists, which included the ongoing collaboration with Trampoline and the Radiator Festival, Sideshow (A Brit Art fringe event), Dislocate and Nottingham Trent University. 

With the advent of YouTube, Skype and Live video conferencing online, everything changed and finally anyone could have access to online video. But MakeTv was our small contribution to the world of streaming before it was widely known about.

I designed the interface and did technical management of the PHP server development and the Flash Streaming Serve integration.

MakeTV won Best Creative Industries SME in the East Midlands Award.


Arts Council of England, Emmedia, East Midlands New Technology Initiative