Do we attach feeling to an autonomous agent if it contains a little bit of ourselves? You breathe life into Puff Bot and it copies your bio rhythms. Puff Bot attempts to capture the ineffable qualities of fungal life. The tiny reflexes of

movement that propel new life into the environment.

The action of breathe made visible.

Puffbot was created using organic materials sourced from coconut fibre and it was connected to human breathe through Arduino, breathe sensors and small pumps.

Puffbot was developed as part of  a research group called #mood researching and practicing the design of emotionally intelligent interaction experience. The intention being to explore means to reconcile digital tools and physical materiality to create ineffable experiences. Group members investigated critically and creatively with a material centred approach as well as tools unique to art & design.

It was exhibited at the 'Interior Futures' exhibition at the Royal College of Art in March 2019.

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Royal College of Art (Masters Research)